BREWED AWAKENING IS A FAMILY OWNED AND OPERATED CAFE that was established in Berkeley in 1987 by Sam and Juju Nassar. For more than 30 years their focus has been on creating a home away from home for UC Berkeley Students, Faculty, Staff and the local neighbors in the North Berkeley area. As a cafe that focuses on high quality beverages, Brewed Awakening ONLY SERVES Fair-Trade and Organic coffees and Espresso, and now offers a Single Origin Cold Brew and Nitro Coffee ON TAP! You can also find a variety of smoothies, fresh fruit and vegetable juices as well as a full selection of Fresh Baked Pastries, Toasts and Bagels!

WHY THE MILK CRATE? When we first entered the world of coffee in 1987, our two boys were just 6 and 11 years old. They used to join us in the shop on weekends, but our youngest was too short to reach the cash register. So, we used a trusty milk crate to give him a boost. We all need our daily boost — what’s yours? Find more

— Sam & Juju Nassar

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